Beginning this July (the 5th) we will be moving to one in-person service on Sundays, only. at 10 AM. Live streaming will still be available through YouTube and Facebook.

The new requirements for in-person meetings require face coverings for people 12 & up with exemptions. Below is the text from a Facebook post that we did explaining the new mask ordinance:

To the best of my ability I’m wading through the new regulations that have been handed down in order for us to continue to participate in in-person worship services. Here’s what I understand:
• As of July 1st, 2020, all people 12 and up will be required to wear masks, face coverings or face shields.
• Other exemptions exist for people with medical conditions or disabilities that prevent wearing a face covering.
• Social distancing of 6 feet is to be practiced
• Those who are experiencing symptoms are asked to stay home and participate in online services instead.
• Reusable face-coverings on hand are limited so please come prepared
• While teaching the pastor will be allowed to remove face-covering, when finished face-cover must be replaced.
• While leading the worship leader will be allowed to remove face-covering, when finished face-cover must be replaced.
• Please pass this on.

I know this reads like a cold set of rules, I’m sorry for that. I will always lead with a mind towards personal responsibility. Follow as your conscience allows.

Now please hear my heart. I love you guys and want to lead in a way that follows Jesus Christ, the Good Shepherd because if we do, He is the One who is really leading. This is a difficult and trying time for all of us and at times it feels exhausting with all of the constant changes and the nonstop barrage of bad news that seems to come at us by the minute. I miss your smiling faces; your kind words and fellowship being shared when we come together. I don’t want to have our faces hidden from each other behind masks, but we can still show one another our hearts in how we treat, greet and fellowship with one another. Though the times may continue to change the Truth never does, HE is alive. When we feel surrounded by bad news, let’s not forget that we gather because of the Good News, the Gospel of our salvation; that Jesus Christ died, was buried and rose again for our sins according to the Scriptures. As bad as the news becomes on the outside it will never overcome the hope we have in Jesus. Let us be those who exhort, comfort and encourage one another as we come together. Be strong and of good courage, we serve the One who has overcome the world. Jesus is alive and because He lives, His church lives too. Let’s continue to walk together with our Savior.

In Him,